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Heidi Bright, an aggressive end-stage cancer survivor, knows the terror and powerlessness of a difficult diagnosis.

After managing two years of cancer treatment, using carefully selected integrative therapies, and healing her life, Heidi entered Radical Remission in 2011.

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Heidi Bright is in radical remission from aggressive end-stage cancer
Heidi Bright, in Radical Remission since 2011  from highly aggressive end-stage cancer

This interview with CBS in New York City, #WFAN, includes numerous practical tips from Thriver Soup1BWWX_3 Bob Salter show

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One-third of all women in the United States risk developing cancer. About 750,000 women are diagnosed with cancer each year. The median age at diagnosis currently is 66 years. These women will want to know right away what to do to protect and prolong their lives.

Every day in this country, almost 1,600 people are expected to die of cancer. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States.

People don’t need to become victims of the Big C in such massive numbers. When people are empowered with valuable information about how to survive cancer, they stand a better chance of thriving beyond such a deadly diagnosis.

More than half of people aged fifty and older reported using complementary and alternative medicine.

Find out in Thriver Soup what you can do to heal your life!


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