Guided Meditations for Healing

One approach to healing our bodies is conversing with any dis-eased cells we might have. By deeply relaxing to soft music, we can become more receptive to healing messages our bodies might want to convey.

During this soothing 35-minute guided meditation, you will have an opportunity to go to the site of dis-ease in your body and be gently prompted with questions to ask. Any answers you receive might provide you with valuable insights for your journey toward harmony, balance, and healing.

For example, one middle-aged woman in Columbus, Ohio, realized her shoulder pain resulted from her shouldering too many responsibilities.

Use this guided visualization to find out what is holding you back from experiencing greater health and healing.

The serene flute music is provided by Sunflower, 

Cover art by Margaret and Keith Klein.

Listen here to the Introduction to “A Conversation with Dis-ease”

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If you have a site in your body with active cancer cancer cells, this guided visualization features more specific questions you can pose.

Listen here to the Introduction to “A Conversation with Cancer”

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“I am not a meditator and tend to have ‘monkey mind’ when I try, but I truly enjoyed the relaxing experience of listening to this meditation. Heidi’s calming voice and the background music enabled me to still my mind and body. I especially enjoyed the body scan portion and the vision of healing light flowing through my body. ”

–Tami Boehmer

“This visualization allows me to hear your soothing voice guiding me through a meaningful experience. Your introduction and visualization perfectly support healing. Peace, serenity and tranquility fills me when I listen. This is a valuable tool for anyone with any physical or emotional challenge. It can be used over and over, deepening the benefit each time. I am so glad to have this.”

–Marifran Korb

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