Cancer Survival Coaching

You hear the doctor say, “Cancer.” OMG! Not ME!

Your heart pounds, your head spins, your breath stops. It feels like the end of your world.

Yet that shove off the cliff might be the beginning step toward thriving.

That’s what happened to me in 2009 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer that had already spread to my lungs. Two years later I was free of evidence of disease and free of treatment, and have remained so since 2011.

Heidi Bright, MDiv, cancer survival coach and author of Thriver Soup

As a Champion in Cancer Care, my greatest strength is assisting you with finding the right complementary and integrative care that supports where you want to be. If you are ready to take back your power, rebuild your health, and thrive beyond, you have come to the Bright place.

I approach cancer from every angle: how to manage treatment side-effects, how to eat, how to care for your body, how to manage your mind and emotions, how to heal relationships, and how to select the spiritual practices that work best for you.

Call me at 513-444-0190 or email me now to set up a consultation. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


What others are saying:

“As a two-time cancer survivor, I greatly appreciate Heidi Bright’s gifts as a cancer coach. She held space for me as I deeply grieved what I’m certain was the source of my dis-ease. As I sobbed from the depths of my soul, Heidi’s compassion and strength made me feel safe. I knew without doubt she understood and that I would survive my pain.”

–Mary, Cincinnati, Ohio