“Thriver Soup” has moved

Thriver Soup now has its own website, thriversoup.com. Commenting on blog posts should be easy now because I am using Wordpress through Inmotion Hosting.

Because there is no easy way to move two years’ worth of weekly blog posts with my new domain host, previous posts will temporarily remain on heidibright.com, yet that website also is being moved to my new host and the blogs probably will not transfer. If there is anything you want to look up, now is the time.

A new website called parentofanaddict.com is in the works so blog posts about addiction will be appearing there. Dennis Spencer, a wonderful Cincinnati artist who works with addicts, is starting the process of creating the logo and cover art. Eventually the site will include weekly blog posts on Tuesdays. Currently it contains some news stories. I also plan to add resources for parents.

heidibright.com will eventually be moved to the new host, so it also will feature a new look. The same holds true for preservefamilymemories.com.

Please let me know what you think of this new website by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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